Spinning Gold Out of Straw

Written by Diane Rooks. This book is a gift of healing stories for all who need it's power. An entire section is devoted to the Dark Candle as told by Ada Forney. Ada found this wonderful story shortly before the death of her grandchild. She began sharing it with others in need of healing. Briefly, it is a story about a couple who were in love and wanted a child more than anything in this world, but the gypsy told them there would be a great price. Her gift of the magic charm allowed the conception of the beautiful little girl. But as she was born, her mother was lost. Then the second half of the curse came true as they prepare to celebrate the child's eighth birthday. Lost in grief after the loss of his precious child, the man locked himself away and for eight days did not eat or drink. Then he received a vision of her as an angel whose candle grew dark due his tears of bitter grief. Celebrating the power of her memory, her candle bursts into joyous, loving flame.

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