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Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales

Compiled by Dr. Kristen Congdon. Illustrated by Kitty Kitson Petterson. This collection contains the story of Homer and the Bear by Master Storyteller, Ada Forney. Homer learns a few very valuable life lessons in his encounter with a large Florida black bear! Come experience the humorous tale of a young boy and the joy at seeing his Daddy at exactly the right moment!

Sandspun: Florida Tales by Florida Tellers

Collected by Annette Bruce and Steve Brooks. This collection contains the story of Ples and the Mule Eggs by Master Storyteller, Ada Forney. Ples was the Lewis family trickster. Watch as he tricks the neighbor boys into believing they can realize the dream of having baby mules of their very own.

Spinning Gold Out of Straw

Written by Diane Rooks. The power of stories that heal. "Stories reach in and touch the wounds we cannot name and sometimes do not even know exist within us." Eight year old Angela Hamilton was the Forney Familys beautiful Granddaughter. Six weeks before she was taken from her family, Ada Forney was given the gift of the story known as the Dark Candle. It became Angela's eulogy and helped the Forney family to heal in a time of terrible grief and pain.

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