The HiStory of Two Tellers

The following will provide you with a short biographical piece on storytellers, Ada and Jerry Forney. More detailed information follows on the linked pages.
Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It!

Ada Forney
Ada Forney is a professional, full-time storyteller, singer, author, composer and a native Florida Cracker. She is a member of Florida Storytelling Association, the National Storytelling Network, Florida Folklore Society, Florida Historical Society and Toast-masters International. Ada teaches storytelling, stars in a half hour storytelling TV show, is a guest teller on public radio and has performed at many storytelling festivals including the prestigious Florida Folk Festival. She is also the storytelling coordinator for the Barberville Pioneer Days.

Jerry Forney
Jerry Forney is a storyteller and a member of Florida Storytelling Association. His storytelling talents include the creation and illustration of original children’s stories and songs. He is a successful graphic artist/cartoonist, who currently works as a Graphic Design Specialist for InDyne, Inc., Kennedy Space Center, Florida. His many professional positions have included Editorial Art Director/Senior Editorial Artist for Florida Today Newspaper, Graphic Design Specialist for Harris Corporation, Visual Communications Instructor for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Owner/Art Director of Pen & Inc. Studio, and Owner/Editor/Creative Director for cutting edge ebusiness pioneer company, Future Features Cartoon Syndicate and Cartoon America. Jerry also specializes in children's book illustration, character design, 3-D graphics, caricature and cartooning services.

Storytree Productions
Storytree Productions is the result of many things coming together in an incredibly powerful synergy. We started with a dream, mixed in a good sized dose of creativity, threw in a pinch of inspiration and then added a big dose of FUN! We do our own professional graphic and web design, desktop publishing of children’s books, custom coloring books and more! We also design and market video tapes and audio tapes as well as producing and marketing our own audio CD's. If you are interested in purchasing any of our outstanding materials, please visit our StoryShop. If you would like to hire us for an unforgettable storytelling performance please email us at:

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