Each of these original Storytree stories by Jerry and Ada Forney has a kernel of truth hidden inside it. They teach us right from wrong, good from bad and help children understand the tried and true path that leads to becoming better, more understanding adults. Many of these stories are available on video.
The Legend of the Storytree is an epic adventure and a hero’s journey. It begins long ago in an ancient land. Come with the emperor as he seeks the legendary Storytree and the gifts of story it brings to each generation.

Includes the original Storytree song!

Join Anthony on The Accidental Chicken Farm. Easter brings a pair of baby chicks, a DO NOT DISTURB! sign on the door to his room and soon there are chickens, chickens everywhere!

Includes a catchy original song!

Meet our new friend Edgar Elephant who has a handle bar moustache and can sing. One day, a gang of local bullies drives him from the herd. He finds humans who help him solve his dilemma. Edgar returns to the herd and finds the courage to face his greatest challenge.

Includes a catchy original song!

Additional Original Story list: Arthur the Story Mouse, Brianna Bounce Mouse, Gift of the Spider Queen, Treasure of Knollwood Roost, Magic Spindle, Mr. Krippet's Nails, Shug and His Rug, Down the Hill to Stinkyville, Bluebelle Lays an Egg, The Gingerbread Lady, The Ugly Blacksmith, Song of the Dryad and the Story Bunny Story.

Stay tuned for more original stories and songs.

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