Each of the stories from Mythic Voices is a journey into the ancient past. They include mythological tales, heroic legends, pirate stories and tribal traditions. These are ideal for schools, libraries, festivals, organizations and various adult audiences.
Priam's Daughter, or the Greek legend of the Medusa, is the story of a beautiful king's daughter. Victim of a powerful curse, she is transformed. The hero comes, takes her life and her spirit rises to dwell among the stars.

The mythological tales include a variety of popular myths.

Gawain and the Green Knight is the Arthurian story of Dame Ragnell the hag, a powerful riddle and the greatest challenge Arthur will ever face.

The heroic tales contain a variety of stories from different cultures.

Ann Bonnie and Mary Reed were pirates who roamed the seas with Calico Jack Rackham. They fought alongside the men and were just as brave. Both women were captured, but escaped punishment.

Travel the seven seas and hear tales of the men and women who created the legends.

Poshiankia, greatest of the tribal council, creates the Thunderbird and warns of the danger to come to the Earth Mother.

Gassire's Lute is the story of an African warrior prince who becomes a bard.

These tales come from a variety of different cultures and countries.

Story list: Annachie Gordan and Jenny, Black Caesar, Ceridwen and Taliesin, Circe and Scylla, Echo and Narcissus, Legend of El Dorado, Fion MacChumail, Curse of the Ulstermen, Maya Moon Maiden, Persephone, Demeter and Hades, Raven Steals the Light, Poseidon and the Dolphins, Skeleton Woman, Legend of the Mary Celeste, Legend of the Three Doves, The Blizzard Witch, La Muerta the Godmother, and the Wailing Woman.
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