The Southern Lights series consists of the original Florida and Georgia based family stories of Ada Forney, as well as Florida folkways and historical facts. This program is accompanied by photographs of actual family members of the Lewis family tree, who are the main characters in this series of stories. Many of these tales are set in Ada's home town of Vero Beach, Indian River and St. Lucie Counties in Florida.
Growing up in 50's Florida, I was the Littlest Cowhunter and I have the boots and the photos to prove it. I went from watching the singing cowboys of the 50's riding off into the black and white sunset, to learning how Florida and its Cowmen had been left out of the picture in terms of American History. I began listening to my Grandfather's stories and reading about Florida. There, in Florida's past, I discovered the truth about my home state and the people who founded it. My mission, with these stories, is to showcase Florida's hidden past and to tell about what it was like growing up in this amazing place we call Florida.
Original Family Story list: Gunter and the Hawg, Homer and the Bear, Pistol Packin' Annie, Turpentine Tar Babies, Marble Shootin' Champ, Dinner on the Ground, The Littlest Cowhunter, Annie and the Bear, Bear Hunting Cracker Style, Dividing the Souls, The Gator Hunter's Daughter, Plez and the Mule Eggs, Cannibal Snakes, Sonny and the Split Gator, Shake Rattle and Strike, The Mathias Family Sea Chest, Tales From a Southern Graveyard, Old Man and the Great White, Diamond's on the Water, Panther Spirit of the Crystal Sands, Plez and the Bloated Bull, Tale of the Turkey Possum, The Wide Awake Engineers, The Amarillis Are Blooming, and Silver Threads Among the Gold.

Florida Stories & Folktales List: Bone Mizell, Acrefoot Johnson, The Branded Hand, Captain Steve Bravo, Death Lake, Tate's Hell, The Ghostly Lights of Readding Parker, Stolen Bride, Barber and Mizell Feud, The Devil's Millhopper, Florida Jewel, Ghosts of River Ranch, Legend of Fiddlers Cove, Stolen Silver, and the Story of Zephaniah Kingsley.

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