The Gaia Stories series consists of original environmental stories, folktales and songs. The lead characters in this series are Mr. and Mrs. Biosphere who teach children the value of the natural environment. They are popular in schools, libraries, museums, summer camps and a variety of other venues! CD's are available in our Story Shop!
Wild Dolphins Be Free! Come with Spinner, Riptide and Leap in their adventures just off shore at Canaveral National Seashore. Learn the facts about wild dolphins and their place in the chain of life. Next, journey back to ancient Greece to the time of Poseidon and the dolphin constellation. Then join Linnea and a pod of wild dolphins that saves her from a giant shark!

Includes a catchy original song!

Where Are the Manatees? Follow Stellar the Seacow as she meets the Elder, who is the oldest of the seacow people. She hears the story of her ancient name and learns of the dangers facing the Florida manatee. Learn the facts about the Florida Manatee and their place in Florida's Ecosystem. Next, journey back to the Cherokee legend of the creation of dry land. Then join the fisherman and his discovery of the manatee mermaid.

Also includes a catchy original song!

Original Gaia Stories list: Wild Dolphins Be Free, Creation of the Dolphin Constellation, Linnea and the Dolphins, Stellar the Seacow, How the Animals Created Dry Land, the Fisherman and the Manatee Mermaid, and the Dryad's Song.
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