Enjoy these videos of original stories by Ada Forney, master storyteller. They are available as four collections or can be purchased individually. These wonderful told stories are popular in schools, libraries, museums, summer camps and as wholesome entertainment the whole family can enjoy! They will touch your heart and stay with you long after the performance is over.
Just click on one of the collections below for a list of videos and content description.
Southern Lights Series

These entertaining videos are drawn from four family generations and Florida's historical past! Ada Forney weaves tales that will delight and fascinate every listener. Excellent family entertainment!

Mythic Voices Series

These spellbinding videos are a year round favorite! Ada Forney shares classic tales from our multi-cultural past. Educational and fun for the whole family!

Tales from the Storytree Series

These captivating videos are a delight in the classrooms or at home! Ada Forney introduces you to Brianna Bouncemouse, Edgar the Elephant and more. A joy for the entire family!

Biosphere Series

These delightful videos are a favorite of children everywhere! Ada Forney introduces you to dolphins, Spinner, Leap and Riptide. Great family fun!

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