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Mythic Voices Series

These spellbinding videos are a year round favorite! Ada Forney shares classic tales from our multi-cultural past. These are tales that have survived for centuries. Educational and fun for the whole family!

Video #1 Truth Tales

Part One: The Empty Cup. The student comes to the last of the great masters. He has learned all of their truths. His mind is full. The old man fills his cup with tea and it overflows into his lap. He yells at the old man for spilling the tea. Bring me a mind as empty as the cup and I will fill it with wisdom. Bring me a mind already filled and my wisdom spills over and is lost.

Part Two: Burning Rice Fields. The karate master is asked to be the village leader, but instead he takes his student high on the mountain midst the terraced rice fields. One night he wakens, calls the young man to join him and burn the rice which supports the village through the difficult winter. All of the villagers come to put out the fire and accuse him of the deed. He points towards the sea as a great wave rushes in and crushes the entire village. His action had saved them all.

Part Three: Truth and Parable. Truth comes naked to the town to share her wisdom. No one listens and she is driven from the town. Dancing down the street, comes story and parable. She is dressed in rainbow colored robes with a sprinkling of stars in her hair and everyone comes to listen. Summoned to the edge of the town, truth asks why no one listens to her. Story dresses truth in rainbow robes and sprinkles stars in her hair and truth dressed as story is welcome everywhere.

Part Four: The Empty Pot. Mae Ling tries to grow the seed given her and all the children by the emperor. She even sings her grandmothers growing song, but the seed will not grow. She takes it to the emperors palace with all the other children, who laugh at her empty pot. The emperor chooses her as the next ruler of China for all the seeds had been cooked and could not grow.

Video #2 Dame Ragnell

Part One: King Arthur, Gawain and Dame Ragnell. Arthur chose Gawain to go and challenge the knight blocking part of the King's road. But the knight's challenge proves too much for Arthur. The knight offers him a chance to live by answering a riddle. The answer comes from the ugly hag Dame Ragnell whose price is Gawain’s hand in marriage. He agrees and after vanquishing the knight they are wed. Because he is no fool, Gawain answers her challenge with the answer to the riddle. What is it a woman desires most in life?

Part Two: Talisin the Bard. Ceridwen the Sorceress was lonely so she decided to have a son, but he was born hideously ugly. She found a spell to give him wisdom and beauty and chose the mute boy Gwion Bach and the blind man to stir her cauldron. Gwion Bach stole the gift. Ceridwen gives chase till he becomes a grain and she a hen who swallows him and gives birth to Talisin. Talisin becomes a bard and storyteller to King Arthur.

Video #3 African Tales

Part One: African Storyteller. The village has no old people and their wisdom to answer the questions of the children. They hold a ceremony and are given a storyteller who is old and filled with wisdom and the answers they seek. She shares her stories with them till her sack is empty. Then she tells them her life story and that she is leaving. They watch her float away and they beg her to stay. She reminds them they carry her tales in their hearts and to tell them and always remember her.

Part Two: The African Queen and her Daughters. Once there was an African Queen who had a small kingdom. Too small to divide between her three daughters. She set a contest between them. One was a trainer of horses and she leapt over the 100 foot baobab tree without touching a limb. The second was a warrior and she threw her spear through the heart of the great tree and caught it on the other side. The last was a wrestler who ripped the tree from the earth and laid it before her mother. Who do you think she chose as her successor?

Part Three: Anasi and the Stories. Anasi was the spider and he had no great beauty or special gifts. So he went to creator and asked for the stories. Creator sets three difficult tasks all of which clever Anasi does. Creator gives him the gift of the stories.

Part Four: Talk, Talk, Talk. This tales tells of a talking yams, trees, stones and the men who hear them and run away. They carry the tales to the king who laughs at them all and sends them on their way. As he does his stool speaks to him, and the king begins to wonder if their story was true.
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