Tales from the Storytree Series by Ada and Jerry Forney

These captivating videos are a delight in the classrooms or at home! Ada Forney introduces you to Brianna Bouncemouse, Edgar the Elephant and more. A joy for the entire family!

Video #1 Legend of the Storytree

The Legend of the Storytree is an epic adventure and a hero’s journey. Come with the emperor as he seeks the legendary Storytree and the gift of story it brings to each generation.

Video #2 The Accidental Chicken Farm

Come as we join Anthony on The Accidental Chicken Farm. All he wants is a real, live pet, but Mom and Dad say he's just too young. But Easter brings a pair of baby chicks for his little sisters, who are too young. Anthony puts a do not disturb sign on the door to his room and soon there are chickens everywhere! But their mean neighbor sees all those chickens one morning and the excitement begins!

Video #3 Edgar Elephant's Amazing Moustache

Meet our new friend Edgar Elephant. He isn’t like the other bull elephants. He has a handle bar moustache instead of tusks and he can sing. Listen as the gang drives him from the herd and other animals try to help. But it is the humans who help him solve his dilemma, return to the herd and help him find the courage to face his greatest challenge.

Video #4 Gift of the Spider Queen

Bumbles the spider partners with the evil Malicia to create a marvelous web. But Malicia's evil tastes leads to great evil. The Spider Queen hears of the web, a replica of her palace with her on the throne, and of the great evil done by Malicia. Her wise counselor devises a plan to deliver a tasty gift and destroy the evil spiders and their web.

Video #5 Song of the Dryad

He was a wood carver in love with a dryad, a tree spirit. But the evil king vows to flatten the forest. The wood carver ties himself to her tree, but he is doomed to hang. After his death, the king begins to hear a haunting song that lingers till he gets his reward for allowing the wood carvers death. Atop the wood carvers grave grow two beautiful trees. One is in the shape of a beautiful woman the other a handsome young man.

Video #6 Brianna Bouncemouse and The Magic Muffin Seeds

Come as we join Brianna BounceMouse, mom and her brother. Brianna is the bounciest child in the entire town. All she wants is for the garden to flourish, but there hasn't been any rain and the garden is dying! As she sits on the garden stone facing the magic mountains, the magic muffin fairy appears to grant her wish. Will the baker, meanest man in town, steal her magic muffin plants? Will Brianna's magic growing song melt his cold heart? Come join Brianna and see what happens!

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