Biosphere Series

These delightful videos are a favorite of children everywhere! Ada Forney introduces you to dolphins, Spinner, Leap and Riptide and Stellar the lovable Seacow. Great family fun!

Video #1 Wild Dolphins Be Free!

Part One: Spinner, Riptide and Leap. Come with wild dolphins Spinner, Riptide and Leap in their adventures just off shore at Canaveral National Seashore.

Video #2 Wild Dolphins Be Free!

Part Two: Learn the Facts. Scientific facts about wild dolphins and their place in the chain of life.

Part Three: Poseidon, Amphritrite and the Dolphins. Next, journey back to ancient Greece to the time of Poseidon and the dolphin constellation.

Part Four: Linnea and the Dolphins. Join Linea and a pod of wild dolphins that saves her from a giant shark!

Video #2 Where Are the Manatees?

Part One: Stellar the Seacow. Stellar becomes the new elder of her people. She hears her story and discovers the value of the very special place called Canaveral National Seashore.

Part Two: The Manatee Mermaid. This is the story of a fisherman who falls in love with a manatee mermaid. They are married, have seven beautiful children. She finds the trunk where he has hidden her manatee skin and she returns to her children in the sea. Every other month she comes ashore and returns to the man and the land bound children that she loves.

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